The best yoga and meditation books have the power to change our lives. There are some books that stick with us long after we’ve finished turning the pages. These are the books that become a part of who we are— a fabric of our being, so to speak. They influence us when we think about our practice (and our lives as a whole, really), and they affect our headspace and outlook every time we step on our mats and sit for meditation.

They’re the kind of books that are worth reading again and again.  Let’s dig into the power that the best yoga and meditation books can have to change our lives. Read on for the 10 recommended yoga and meditation books.

The Wisdom of Insecurity by Alan Watts


The book argues that the cause of human frustration and anxiety is people’s inability to live fully in the present and their futile quest for psychological security. With an emphasis on Buddhism, Watts explores why humans are so dissatisfied and unhappy.

The Living Gita

Yoga and the Quest for the True Self

This book from the Sivananda Ashram explains what meditation and Mantras are and how they can be effectively used to recharge oneself with divine energy, so that the tension of body and mind are gradually reduced.

This article is inspired by the original article by Yoga Journal published here.

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