About the pose

This name, Bitil comes from Sanskrit script, meaning ‘cow’. The pose Marjaryasana (cat) – Bitilasana (cow) is a combination of two poses practiced together to gently warm up the spine and the abdomen for more challenging postures or is sometimes also practiced as a simple restorative pose. Coming on all fours, and gently moving the back in a rhythmic way, and taking the position like that of a cat or a cow, releases the tensions around the spine and shoulders and tightens the abdomen to make a stronger core.

Cat Cow Pose helps boost energy in the body and hence can be included in flow yoga sequences. Cat Cow Pose is considered a warm-up yoga pose to prepare the body for more intense yoga poses / yoga flow.


Cat Cow Pose benefits the following muscles and hence can be included in yoga sequences with the corresponding muscle(s) focus:

  • Lower Back
  • Middle Back
  • Core (Abs)
  • Hips
  • Knees
  • Neck
  • Pelvic

How to do the pose

  • Start from all fours – in a tabletop position. Your knees under your hips and wrists under your shoulders or slightly forwards of them.
  • Spread your fingers, root down through the base of the fingers and press your fingers on the mat.
  • On an inhalation, lower the belly, lift your chest, tailbone pointing up and look up.
  • Exhale, come back into your neutral ‘tabletop’ position.

Beginners tip

  • If you’re not used to putting weight through your hands start with some wrist and hand warm-up exercises first:
  • Rotate your wrists and then shake your hands out.
  • Make fists and then stretch out your fingers – repeat this quickly a few times.


  • Stretches the front of the torso and neck.
  • Gently massages the spine, increasing mobility.
  • Great as a warm up before class along with other spinal movements like Cat pose, side bends and twists.

Watch out for

  • Try to avoid hinging in the middle of the back – work on the curve in the whole of the spine from tailbone to neck.
  • Keep the base of the neck soft while looking up. Look to the floor or straight ahead if you have any neck injuries.
  • If you have wrist or knee injuries, practise the seated or reclined version instead.



  • Seated version: Sit on a chair or in an easy cross-legged position. Place your hands on your knees and open your chest on the in-breath. Add the Cat Pose on the out-breath.
  • Standing version: Stand with your legs hips width apart, knees bent. Place your hands on your thighs and open your chest on the in-breath. Add the Cat Pose on the out-breath.
  • From all fours, try creating a wave-like motion, moving your tailbone first and allowing your spine to follow.
  • Make a Cat – Cow sequence into a core awakening exercise by extending out your opposite arm and leg in Cow pose and then drawing the elbow back and the knee to the nose as you draw your belly in and round your back in Cat pose.
  • Alternatively, use Cat and Cow pose as an exploration of the spine.


Model Robin (Yoga Peda) – An Ambassador of Beinks
Yoga Mat b’EARTH  &  b’EARTH X by Beinks
Photographer Sophie Dupont
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