We have had partners who are yoga studio owners. We have known yoga teachers who run their private yoga groups at home, at parks. And we ourselves used to own and run yoga studios.

We know it is great to have good mats in yoga studios or any teaching places. These mats should not only provide beautiful support for our yoga students to practice on, but also are easy to clean and maintain, and at the same time, these mats should last…for years (not months).

We know there are a number of costs for opening, running and maintaining a yoga studio or any yoga teaching place. We would love to offer a deal that might be an interest to you.

  • If you are about to open a yoga studio, or thinking of replacing old mats in your current studio, Beinks would love to offer you 6 b’ROCK mats for free.
  • If you are a yoga teacher who needs mats for teaching a group, Beinks would love to offer you 4 b’ROCK mats for free.

Sounds like a good plan? Fill the form below, and we will get back to you shortly.