beinks ambassador Vicky


“Health is Wealth
Peace of mind is happiness
Yoga shows the way”
– Swami Vishnudevananda

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I am passionate about yoga since my first yoga class . It was like finding the missing piece in my life . I was lost , confused, depressed and mostly anger for all bad things were happening to me at that time . Then , Yoga does show me the way . I was inspired so much from my teacher that I took a risk and flew to India to learn yoga .
I have been learning much more when I was working as Karma Yogi for Sivananda Ashram in America . And I do believe this path will shine through all obstacles, disgrace things and be a great way to help people .

The persons/things that influence you the most


What style of yoga you teach and/or practice?

Sivananda Hatha Yoga

Antigravity Yoga

What are your certifications?

500hr Yoga Alliance for Yoga Teacher Training Course – Sivananda Organisation

Level 2 Antigravity Aerial Yoga Instructor

Have you facilitated or taught any workshops, festivals and/or retreats?

I have spent 5 months working as Karma yogi for Sivananda Organisation as teachers , workers , teaching asanas and assisting many workshops, Puja festivals, Yoga vacations etc


Sunday Yoga – Teaching a small community regularly every Sunday

Online Yoga Channel – Coming soon


What Beinks mat(s) do you own?


What is your experience with Beinks that inspires you to represent us?

I have been using beinks products as I own b’air and b’earth mats . Both of them provide such great grip , great materials , beautiful colors and designs .