Beinks has had chances to connect with a number of wonderful ladies. One of them is Juliette Nguyen, the founder of #AoDaiAroundTheWorld.

“Ao Dai around the world” is a non-profit community project started by this young Vietnamese lady who has a great passion for her national costume. She has built a great platform for everyone to share and connect with each other through their love of Ao Dai. More detail can be found at website

Juliette is a beautiful soul with beatiful values that have been rooted and nurtured through the love of her family, and the life experience that she has been through.

She is classy and strong like a phoenix, yet charming and vulnerable like a dove at the same time. Whatever life has been to her, she embraces it. And the thing we most love about her is she never compromises anything with her self-respect and high self-esteem.

We would like to thank you for bringing your love of Ao Dai to the world. We would also like to thank you for trusting our Beinks mats, and representing us in several campaigns.

Last words, Juliette, you look absolutely amazing in the video, together with the stunning landscapes of the northern Vietnam nature!

🎥 Chinh Tran
👩 Juliette Nguyen


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