Make decision?

  • Choose b'AIR if you are frequently on the road and need a super-light & thin mat.
  • Choose b'ROCK if durability (10 years of mat lifespan) and super-easy care is important to you.
  • Choose b'EARTH if you need an overall-good-eco-friendly mat.
  • Choose b’LOVE if you have no concern about budget. It is simply the best mat, for many aspects.

Still confused between b’LOVE & b’EARTH?

Have a look at a deeper comparison between these two mats.

Final decision?

With a more affordable price, choose b’EARTH. It is also a top quality mat with bio-degradable natural material.

Budget is not an issue? Definitely go with b’LOVE if you need the best yoga mat. It is more advanced in production, material, grip, cushioning.

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