Made from natural rubber
Excellent grip even when you sweat
Right density for grounded practice
24” x 68” x 4mm, 2kg

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  • Aubergine Purple
  • Bondi Blue
  • Cardinal Red
  • Prussian Blue
  • Yellow Marble
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What special about b-EARTH?

EARTH is raw, grounded, and kindhearted to nourish all beings. This is a gift from Mother Earth to yogis with 100% natural rubber, providing you with an incredible grip, a solid density for a true practice.


Incredible grip – Thanks to its 100% natural rubber and special texture surface that grips your hands perfectly

Reversible – Give you another choice for practice with different feel and look

Great support – 4mm thickness and right density of both layers provide beautiful support for your knees, wrists in balancing poses


Aubergine Purple, Bondi Blue, Cardinal Red, Prussian Blue, Yellow Marble

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Use & Care

Get to know me!

  • I have natural scent of rubber.  I am authentic!
  • Help to lay me flat for a couple of weeks to ease the smell
  • Wipe me often with just warm water
  • Allow me time to be my best. It usually takes me a couple of weeks before I can grip your hands perfectly

How to take care of me

A good care is essential to make me last longer. Here are some tips:


  • wipe me with a damp cloth (just warm water)
  • for a deeper clean, wash me with a 1:10 solution of dish soap & water or a 1:5 solution of white vinegar & water
  • hang me or lay me flat to dry


  • Never use alcohol or petroleum to wash me – it might cause my surface to break or dry
  • Essential oils should be avoided as it might make my surface become slippery
  • Do not use paper towels to clean as the paper will get disintegrated and stuck on me
  • Avoid direct sunlight as excessive sunlight will damage my surface

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