Beinks /biː’ɪŋks/ means “be colors”. It is also the pun of “beings”, meaning Existence, Life. Simply put, Beinks is Colors of Life, which is beautifully presented and connected in many forms.
Establised in 2016 in Australia, Beinks is proud to bring our good-quality and earth-friendly yoga mats to many yogis around the globe. Our quality yoga mats will be one of the best tools for your practice and help connect the real inner beauty inside you.
Beinks is an Australian brand with all the wonderful values and spirits that we know about this beautiful land: young, open and welcoming (and celebrating) all the differences. However, Beinks is not just bounded within Australia values if we consider the diversified backgrounds of its founders and those inspiring people behind it who are locating or originated from Australia, France, Vietnam and Singapore. Beinks is proudly created and well-blended by young positive hearts, open minds and kind souls.


Beinks will be a great companion along your yoga journey, supporting and nourishing the real beauty in you.


We find much of our inspiration in the elements of Life such as Air, Rock, Earth to create our yoga mats, with a belief that simplicity and nature have the best beauty. These elements are beautiful in their own ways in spite of differences in colors, forms, and nature.



b’AIR – The travel mat: Inspired by the AIR element being light, open and energizing, B-Air is created as super light yoga mat for free spirit travelers. With its foldability and unique design, B-Air is the perfect choice for you on the go. Made from biodegradable and sustainably-harvested natural rubber, this environment-friendly yoga mat is the great choice to protect our planet.

b’EARTH – The true mat: EARTH is grounded and kindhearted to nourish all beings. Inspired by these qualities, b’EARTH mats are created to best support your practice by providing you with an incredible grip and a right level of cushioning. In addition, b-EARTH yoga mat is an eco-friendly mat due to its biodegradable and sustainably-harvested natural rubber material.

b’LOVE yoga matThe recycled mat: Love is a living element that moves in waves and currents like those of the ocean. It brings life. Inspired by this powerful element, Beinks creates b’LOVE – a high quality natural rubber (and partly recycled) yoga mat. Made with love and made for sustainability, this 3-layer yoga mat is also well known for its superior quality and performance. It brings love.

b’ROCK – The studio mat: ROCK is strong, stable and faithful. With similar qualities, B-Rock yoga mats will be the most loyal and durable friends with yoga studios and regular yoga practitioners.


Beinks yoga mats are manufactured in Spain and Taiwan – the countries that are currently the most advanced in yoga mat production, especially natural rubber yoga mats.

Source of material

The material for our b’AIR and b’EARTH is sustainably sourced from South East Asia (mainly fron Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia). In normal condition, rubber tree provides resin for 30 years. After that, the rubber trees from these local farms will be cut down for use of wood, and new trees will be planted in original places. It is considered the best way for a sustainable growth of natural resources from agricultural.

On another note, our mats are biodegradable, which means they will decompose naturally after 3 – 5 years in typical landfill conditions. That will help reduce the amount of waste and give more space on our planet.

For b’ROCK mats, they are free from latex and 6P. Everyone might have heard of the terms, but for a better understanding, 6P is a type of toxic chemical called Phthalates. It is a group of chemicals mainly used for softening and increasing flexibility of plastic. It is toxic and it is common in lots of yoga mats and equipments. However, this is not the case with b’ROCK yoga mat, which is free from these toxic chemicals.

We have carefully selected our producers and the factories who ensure that they meet all the high standards of ethical work place practices and code of conduct. Our Beinks mats meet SGS certification and are free from toxic chemicals.


Beinks yoga mats are packaged with recycled papers.


We are a group of long-time friends who came from different parts of the world but the love of yoga and our youthful and kind energy brought us together. We have different personalities and cutural backgrounds, of course everybody does. But what really connects us, for years and decades, are our similar principles and values: ethics, integrity and kindness (and probably our similarly-crazy heads too).

As members of Beinks, we share the same view about the global environment, about the common space that we all share to live in, and about all the beings that we have connections with. Each of us plays a role of constant forces and reminders to each other that we should keep improving and changing for a better entity and better individuals to make Beinks a good companion to your yoga journey.

We all feel honored to e-meet you here. Get to know each of us below and leave us a message how you connect with Beinks and our mats. Much love to you, from Beinks team.

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