We find warmth in the sunshine of an early spring morning
We find freedom in different colors, forms and shapes of nature
We find space being with the vast nature
We find ourselves being alone
We find peace by staying true… to everything

We find inspiration in basic elements of life – Air, Earth, Rock.
That’s how we created our yoga mats as we believe the Nature has the best beauty.

Beinks is proud to bring our good-quality and earth-friendly yoga mats to many yogis around the globe. We believe that our thoughtfully-produced yoga mats will be one of the best tools for your practice and help connect the real inner beauty inside you.

About Celine Pannier:

Celine Pannier is our global ambassador. We first met Céline at a petit cafe shop in Caen in a pleasant summer afternoon. Good coffee, French music, and yoga common spirit brought up a nice conversation between us. We were in love with her French accent and had good laugh with her tricky sense of humour Our casual conversation went on & on for hours, but we make it short in an interview format to share with you all some of interesting things about Céline.

Our special thanks to:
🧘 Celine Pannier
🎥 Alexis Lomoff
🎵 Philipp Weigl – Subdivision of the masses
🏡 La Roche d’Oëtre Normandi – France

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