Playing Yoga Music during yoga class generally creates a positive experience. If you appreciate the powerful effect of music during yoga practice, here are some great free yoga music for download / streaming for your yoga class.

Online streaming music

If you have a Spotify account, save these below playlists. Be prepared to receive questions asking about the names of the playlists at the end of the class!

1. Derek Beres

2. The Sol Collective 

3. Beinks Collective

Royalty-free music (free download)

1. YouTube’s Free Audio Library

It offers a free music library for you to browse and create your own list. This is a great resource for those who would like to choose music without copyright quickly. A lot of songs are really great for yoga. So check it out.

2. The yoga and meditation playlist by Moby (4 hours)

Moby is an American DJ, singer, songwriter, musician, photographer and animal rights activist. He is well known for his electronic music, veganism, and support of animal rights. Recently on his website he released a series of ambient recording designed to help people feel a great calmness.

3. The piano playlist for yoga and meditation – Selected by Beinks (48 songs)

This beautiful yoga playlist by Beinks, with 48 piano songs, will help you reconnect to your body, journey inward, and offer the unconditional love you know you deserve. The playlist is downloadable. All the songs are royalty-free, so you can download, play and use them in whatever way you want. Click the below button for free download.

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