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“Everything happens for a reason”

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Nhat Vy’s yoga journey started 6 years ago out of her curiosity. With a background of martial arts and aerobic, she never thought yoga would be a fit. However, yoga slowly grows and immerses into her daily life. She finds herself in yoga and is grateful for every thing and every person that crosses her life and helps elevate her positive energy along this yoga path.

Yoga practice brings her a sense of self-love, knowing what is essential and what is true happiness. She loves sharing the wonderful values of yoga via her own channel called #YTaste.

The persons/things that influence you the most

The practice of yoga and meditation

What style of yoga you teach and/or practice?

  • Vinyasa yoga
  • Hatha yoga
  • Acro Yoga

What are your certifications?

  • 200 hour qualified yoga teacher


  • Teach private groups
  • Teach weekly classes at Bestill Yoga Studio
  • Teach Acro Yoga every Sunday


What Beinks mat(s) do you own?


What is your experience with Beinks that inspires you to represent us?

❤️ Let’s have a look why she loves our b-EARTH yoga mats 👇👇👇

❞Knowing the importance of having a high-quality yoga mat, I decided to invest in one, 4 years ago. I had done lots of research to find my soul-mat which satisfies my requirements about optimal grip, great cushioning and pleasant looking. Finally, I picked b’EARTH yoga mat which validates my right decision! I love it so much that I usually recommend it to my students. They have been very pleased with its quality, as much as me.❞

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