• Light, thin and foldable
  • Can be used as a separate mat or layered on top of another
  • Made of premium Jacquard fabric – Totally washable
  • Designed with handles & pocket for great convenience
  • Hand padding of 8mm thickness – Providing better cushioning and grip
  • 188cm x 68cm x 1.5mm
  • Weight 800 grams
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Inspired by the AIR element being light, open and energizing, the AIR yoga mat is created as a super light yoga mat for travellers. With its foldability and unique design, AIR is the perfect choice for you on the go.

  • Incredible grip – Made of premium Jacquard fabric with hand padding of 8mm thickness, AIR provides better cushioning and grip
  • Light & Foldable – Designed with handles & pocket, the 1.5mm-thick yoga mat is very convenient for travel


  • Yogis in love with travelling and mobile lifestyle


Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 172 × 61 × 0.15 cm





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HOW OUR YOGA MATS ARE PRODUCED B’AIR yoga mats are manufactured in Taiwan – currently one of the most advanced in producing yoga mats, especially natural rubber yoga mats. Source of material The material of b’AIR is sustainably sourced from South East Asia (mainly from Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia). In normal condition, rubber tree provides resin for 30 years. After that, the rubber trees from these local farms will be cut down for use of wood, and new trees will be planted in original places. It is considered the best way for a sustainable growth of natural resources from agricultural. On another note, our mats are biodegradable, which means they will decompose naturally after 3 – 5 years in typical landfill conditions. That will help reduce the amount of waste and give more space on our planet. Production Meeting all the high standards of ethical work place practices and code of conduct, our Beinks mats are free from toxic chemicals. For more information on Beinks yoga mats, click here to see FAQs.




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Jean B| Singapore 09/06/2020

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‘‘this cat mat is just too cute‘‘

I love the b air yoga mat (cat design). It is just too cute. The color is very pleasant to practice on. I just feel a bit funny that people keep asking me about the cat, not about the yoga practice :D I enjoy their curiosity though :D

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Nandita| Melbourne 02/06/2020

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‘‘very useful to use to place it on top of other mats‘‘

i really love b-air yoga mat. It is not only light and cute, but also very functional for me. I can bring it everywhere I go. Also I can place it on top of another mat. This is important for me as I'm very particular about hygiene. I don't feel comfortable practicing yoga on a mat that is already used by other people before... and I don't know how clean or how well these mats have been taken care of. so it is the best that I have my own mat and I can carry it with me everywhere. thank you beinks for providing good quality travel mat. i think it is really worth the money

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Linh Linh Yoga| Hanoi 29/05/2020

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What is your level of yoga expertise ? Advanced What is your Perspiration Level ? Moderate

‘‘I bring b-AIR mat everywhere I go!‘‘

This b-AIR yoga mat is the mat I was given as a gift. And after nearly a month of use, I decided to write an article sharing my experiences on this mat.

Perhaps any yogi wishes to have a good mat because it will help us practice asanas more easily. What is a good mat, how to define a good one?
First of all, for me, the mat material must be safe for health. There are many types of yoga mats, made from PVC, TPE, artificial rubber and natural rubber. And of course if you own a biodegradable, natural rubber mat, this will be more safe for your health and it is also environmentally friendly.
And B-air is a safe and friendly mat. B-air is made of natural rubber, so when you peel off the carpet, it smells rubber. So it took me the first 2-3 days to get it of the smell because I was a little sensitive to the smell. But after I spread it out for about 3 days, the smell disappeared. Now after nearly 1 month, I hold the carpet to inhale forever and smell nothing. And I like that. CARPET WITHOUT SMELL 😁

And good yoga mats are mats with good grip. Good grip can help Yogi practice Asana without slipping.
B-air has good grip. Although the surface of B-air carpet is quite smooth, but maybe because of rubber mats, B-air grip I appreciate. Although the first time I touched the carpet, I felt a bit slippery. I contacted Beinks on this issue and got the answer that for a new mat, there is a very thin layer of oil to preserve the carpet. Once the oil layer has gone away, the mat will become grippier. And up to this point, I feel like the answer is right, it doesn't feel like it was at the beginning.

In terms of design, I really like it, I really like gentle pastel tones. Even though my mat is quite bright, it will be dirty easily if used outdoors. So it needs to be cleaned regularly.  I often clean carpet once a week.

About the thickness, B-air is a travel mat, so I can't ask for it to be soft and cushioning, because the carpet is only 1.5mm thin. But the advantage of a travel mat is that you can take it wherever you go. Normally I go to practice or teach, there are mats in the studios, I usually layer B-air on top, just have the support / cushion of the mat underneath, and I do not have to worry about sharing unsanitary mats already used by others. There are pros and cons. The mat is thin, so those who have knee pain will not be able to use it without a cushion underneath. As for me, I often practice Vinyasa, so the thin mat doesn't really matter, or I go to teach too, mainly modeling, it doesn't matter much.

Currently, B-air is "my favorite"! Everywhere I go, I bring it along. Sometimes I feel like it is an ornament for myself, not a practice mat anymore.

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Selina Riot| France 21/05/2020

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‘‘merci pour le jolie b air mat‘‘

ligth pure and biogradable mats ♥ merci pour le jolie b air mat!

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Ha| Singapore 27/03/2020

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How many days per week do you pratice ? 2 - 3 What is your Perspiration Level ? Moderate

‘‘b'Air - Cute cat‘‘

What I love the most about b'Air is it's so light I can take it anywhere with me. Unlike my normal yoga mat (which wouldn't fit into my standard sized luggage), b'Air can be folded and fit into any little corner.

Great grip and texture, and i actually like the rubber scent of a new mat :)

Also, have I mentioned the cat print?? Perfect for any yogi cat lovers (even if you are not a yogi, get it anyway, cos it's perfect, and cos CATS!)

Yes , I would recommend this to a friend

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John S.| Singapore 11/01/2020

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How many days per week do you pratice ? 2 - 3 What is your level of yoga expertise ? Beginner What is your Perspiration Level ? Moderate What type of Yoga do you practice ? Vinyasa

‘‘So light that I don't want to carry any other mats‘‘

This mat is fantastic. I ordered it with a simple thought that I'd only use it when I am traveling. However it is so good it is now my mat for classes, to place on top of studio's mat, for better hygiene and also better grip.

There is almost no padding but it is not really a problem for me as I don't really have any issue with my knees and wrists. The grip is amazing but not too extreme - for some mats I practiced on, the grip was so strong and rough that I felt I was practicing yoga on sandpaper.

It can be folded into a small size that fits right in your bag or backpack. It is so light that I don't want to carry any other mats anymore. There is a slight natural rubber smell that I actually love it, probably because I just love all the natural scent. Really pleased with my purchase.

Yes , I would recommend this to a friend

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JeanB| Australia 09/01/2020

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How many days per week do you pratice ? 2 - 3 What type of Yoga do you practice ? Ashtanga What is your level of yoga expertise ? Intermediate What is your Perspiration Level ? Moderate What type of Yoga do you practice ? Vinyasa

‘‘Very durable and wonderfully portable‘‘

I hardly write a review for anything I purchase. But given the fact that there are so many choices these days that might confuse consumer like me, I decided to write about my favourite yoga mat - b'AIR travel yoga mat.

A bit of background why I bought this mat. I travel a lot for work and find it hard to practice yoga at a fixed studio, so I decided to practice in any places that I travel to, with my online yoga app. With this practice style, the normal rolling yoga mats are just too bulky and inconvenient for me to carry around. That's why this b'AIR yoga mat is just a perfect choice (or almost perfect because there is very little cushioning which is a small minus point for me).

I really really love it. The texture of the mat is just different compared to those normal yoga mats. It is super sticky, but soft (that's why it's foldable). Actually, I didn't like it's natural rubber scent in the first week or 2, but it goes away quickly after that. And the mat just gets better and better. It is very durable, has great grip and is wonderfully compact and portable.

I spent a significant amount of time researching and trying to find out other yoga mats (yes, a bit embarassing to admit that I'm quite careful with my money). Overall, I couldn't have asked for a better mat. Super happy with my b'AIR. Hope my review helps others in a similar situation. Namaste!




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