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“Health is Wealth
Peace of mind is happiness
Yoga shows the way”
– Swami Vishnudevananda

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Currently based in Melbourne, Vicky is running a small lovely yoga studio called Fortitude Yoga, as well as teaching several private and community classes around Melbourne.

Behind a strong personality is a kind heart that always cares and thinks for others. Vicky has been through multiple times of hardship, but she never gives up. Her survival instinct and powerful energy always move her forward. Until one day, an incident happened to make her rethink about her fast-forward life pace, and about a time to slow down.

A shoulder injury, caused by intensive weight-lift training, led her to the first yoga class 4 years ago. And her yoga journey started from there and has never stopped since then.

She followed the new path, heading to Kerala, India for her first yoga teacher training in 2017. She has completed the advanced teacher training in 2019, and currently pursuing the 800-hour yoga therapy course with Sivananda Yoga Organization.

Her dedication to yoga goes beyond the self-practice. She is truly a Karma yogi, who naturally loves doing self-less actions and serving people. Spending 5 months in Sivananda Yoga Farm in the United States as a volunteer, Vicky has grown so much as a human being as well as a yoga practitioner. She is now so ready to share her beautiful experience to the community.

The persons/things that influence you the most

Swami Sita

What style of yoga you teach and/or practice?

Sivananda Hatha Yoga

Antigravity Yoga

What are your certifications?

500hr Yoga Teacher Training Course – Sivananda Organisation

800 hour Yoga Therapy – On going training (to be finished in 2021)

Level 2 Antigravity Aerial Yoga Instructor

Have you facilitated or taught any workshops, festivals and/or retreats?

I have spent 5 months working as Karma yogi for Sivananda Organisation as teachers , workers , teaching asanas and assisting many workshops, Puja festivals, Yoga vacations etc


Fortitude Yoga – A small lovely yoga studio run by Vicky, located in St Albans , Melbourne

Sunday Yoga – Teaching a small community regularly every Sunday

Online Yoga Channel – Coming soon


What Beinks mat(s) do you own?


What is your experience with Beinks that inspires you to represent us?

“I am using b’Earth mat (yellow marble) for more than 3 years now. It provides good grip, great quality and nice touch of design. The mat has travelled the world with me, it went through my teaching training courses In India and USA where I practiced 4 hours of Asanas everyday. It has become my best friend and I never go travel without it. “

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